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13 Plant Propagation Stations To Grow New Plants In Style

Plant propagating should be a favorite activity on every gardener’s weekend to-do list. Not only is it easy to do, but it allows you to grow brand new plants at absolutely no cost.

And what better way to get stuck into propagating than with a stylish station that doubles as a design feature when you’re finished?

I used to leave all my cuttings in regular glasses of water on the windowsill. However, when you’re as obsessed with propagating as I am, your windowsill begins to look a bit crowded and messy – more like you forgot to do the dishes than like you’re putting time and effort into growing new plants.

Plant Propagation Tutorials

You can propagate houseplants, flowers, herbs and shrubs. It’s the best way to increase your plant stock in record time and at no cost. Here are some step-by-step tutorials for propagating plants on Blooming Backyard.

I invested in my first-ever propagation station – similar to this one, but with a black metal frame – and I’ve never looked back.

Now, while growing tons of extra plants, I get to use my cuttings as décor along my bookshelf, on my desk, and on the kitchen counter. They are truly a design game changer.

These are some of my favorites, with designs from quirky to classy to suit any home décor style. Give them as gifts for the plant parents in your family or treat yourself to your favorite design.

1. 3-Glass Station With Wooden Stand

When you think plant propagation station, this style is likely the first to come to mind. The classic wooden stem holds delicate rounded glasses that give it a natural feel, complementing the cuttings inside.

The small dimensions (11.22 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches) make this stand perfect for decorating desks in home offices.

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2. 5-Glass Station With Wooden Stand

Those with a slightly bigger budget and more plants to propagate don’t have to skip out on style either. This stand has the same style and shape as the previous one, but comes with even more space to propagate.

Ideal for windowsills due to its short width, this station is great for serious plant parents looking to double their stock.

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3. 3-Glass Tiered Station

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those with less space looking for a more compact propagation station to decorate a shelf or countertop.

Almost three inches shorter than the standard size, this station makes use of height rather than length to pack in the plant space. Again, it retains the same popular natural design without taking up too much room.

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4. Test Tube Propagating Set

The budding scientists will appreciate this propagation station, fitted with five test tube shaped glasses to fulfill all your propagating needs. Surrounded by a stylish wooden stand, these glasses turn the term mad science lab into a design feature.

This kit comes with a handy brush to allow you to clean out each glass after use, keeping your cuttings healthy and disease-free.

While it can stand on its own on top of a desk or in your kitchen, it also has hooks built-in for wall mounting.

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5. Hanging Geometric Propagation Glasses

For something a bit more unique, this propagation station delivers in spades. Made by the same company as the previous station, this option takes design to a new level with hanging glasses in a range of geometric shapes.

Hang them on your balcony amongst some fairy lights to let the plants truly shine.

The set does come with twine to hang the glasses, but you can also replace it with fishing wire to make the glasses look as if they were floating.

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6. Circular Wall-Mounted Station

This wall-mounted propagation station combines the test tube look with a more organic frame to turn your cuttings into an elegant art piece. The metal circular border perfectly frames the plants and provides a more natural shape to the other structural rectangular options.

Place taller cuttings in the outside tubes with a cascading plant in the center to completely fill the space and round off the design.

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7. Fish Bowl Glass On Wooden Stand

Who needs a fishbowl full of fish when you can have one full of plants? This propagation station only has one glass for propagating, but it makes up for the lack of separate spaces with stunning design.

Placed on a wooden base, the glass looks just like a fishbowl but has flattened sides to prevent your cuttings from falling into the water. This is the perfect bookshelf piece to fill with plenty of different cuttings all at once.

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8. Suspended Heart Shaped Glasses

This cute design uses heart-shaped glasses suspended from a sturdy wooden stand rather than the traditional bulb-shaped glasses.

Great for gifting, there is also the option to have just one glass instead of two. This limits your propagating potential, but works better if you’re short on space or on a budget.

When the roots are left to grow, they will fill up the space in the bottom of the heart for an intricate desktop feature.

If you’re not a fan of the wood look, you can also try this whimsical stand with the same glasses, topped with a metal umbrella.

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9. Hanging Curtain Propagation Station

Why plant one cutting, or three, when you can plant 40?

This is the ultimate hanging propagation station, with 5 rows of 8 glasses each for a total of 40 spaces to grow as many cuttings as you desire.

Suspended on natural twine, these strings could hang along a wall or in front of a window for a plant-covered curtain that takes advantage of the natural light.

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10. Art Deco Glass Stand

Those looking for a classier arty propagation station will be satisfied with this golden glass stand. Featuring rounded large glasses in a range of heights, it’s great for longer stem cuttings and draws the eye along the glasses to each of the individual plants.

It is pricier than some of the other options but makes up for the higher cost with the glossy gold frame and intricate design.

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11. Lightbulb Glass Station On Metal Frame

Speaking of arty features and intricate design, the next propagation station is sure to be a standout amongst your other home décor.

An interesting lightbulb-shaped glass is suspended upside down from a stunning metal frame. The frame has organic shapes reminiscent of the leaves on the plants, topped with a small metal bird for an extra touch of something special to set this station apart from the rest.

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12. Wall-Mounted Wood and Glass Station

If you’re looking for variety, this propagation station is the option for you. Mounted onto wooden pieces that are then mounted to the wall, this set of three stations includes a circular glass, a diamond-shaped glass and a tube-shaped glass.

Place them all together for a singular display or dot them around your home – the choice is yours. The wooden backing remains visible through the glass, framing the roots and creating an interesting natural look.

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13. Freestanding Lightbulb Glasses

Need some inspiration on your home office desk? This lightbulb glass is sure to get your creativity and ideas flowing.

Like the other station, this set features lightbulb-shaped glasses placed upside down, complete with metal tops. However, these ones stand on their own, allowing you to place just the bulb on any surface you like. They also look incredibly realistic, sure to turn a few heads.

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